High Speed Tote Stacker
Tote Stacker
High Speed Tote Stacker


A garment company needed a high speed tote stacker in a distribution center that was to operate at 20 totes per minute. The customer utilized totes during order consolidation prior to final packaging, staged by a specific truck or driver. Once the orders were packaged, the totes were then stacked for storage and staged for entry back in to the process.


A high speed tote stacker was designed that met the 20 totes per minute specification. The design incorporated a servo driven linear actuator to help achieve high speeds, as well as being entirely electrically driven. The distribution center utilized totes to convey small or oddly shaped products through the order picking process. Once the order was picked, the empty totes were conveyed to the tote stacker so that they could be efficiently stacked into a single footprint. The stack was then conveyed to the infeed process where the totes were then reused and cycled back through.