Bag Flattener Conveyor. Flatten, Palletize and Ship

Huron Technology Corp. has an end of the line solution for flattening bagged materials before palletizing. Huron’s Bag Flattener Conveyor automates the bag flattening process for a safer, more consistent and controlled method for layering bagged products on pallets prior to wrapping and shipping.

Bag Flattener conveyors are a simple solution to a complex application.  Call us today at 989-354-1300 to learn more and set up a brief, educational webinar that will step you through everything you need to know about how to increase bag handling throughputs and conserve labor. We can also answer questions on how a bag flattener can fit into your material handling or palletizing process whether you are currently using robotic palletizers or more manual methods of loading pallets prior to stretch wrapping.